A Day in La Jolla- The Children’s Pool

“Agua-water, Agua-water!” squealed the two year old from his car-seat as we coasted beside the Pacific Ocean, destination…La Jolla California.

La Jolla is Spanish for “The Jewel” and I believe it truly lives up to its name. Rimmed by the Pacific ocean, La Jolla provides spectacular ocean views. It is an upscale community famous for its beautiful homes, coves , eclectic shopping, and the reason for our visit, The Children’s Pool. Continue reading

Disney’s Eggstravaganza 2014 – A New Family Tradition

Disneyland has always played a part in my life. Some of my favorite memories live at the Happiest Place On Earth. My first ever paycheck went into purchasing an annual pass (A whole $99 back in the day). During college, my besty and I played hooky with Mickey way too many times to count.  And my favorite memory of all…my hubby proposing  in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Continue reading

My First Dinner Party- The Good, The Bad, And Some Tips

My stomach was wonky and my breathing was a bit hard as I waited for my first guest to walk in the door. It was my first dinner party. I am no stranger to entertaining. I thrive on hostess high, that feeling that comes over you once the last guest leaves the party, knowing they had a memorable time. Not even a sink full of hand-wash only dishes can bring you down. Continue reading

Dapper Day Spring 2014 – Doing Disneyland In Style

Red lips, heels, flowing skirts and bow ties could be found throughout Disneyland in its early beginnings. Disneyland was born during a time of glamour and sophistication, when society young and old took great pride in their appearance. It wasn’t uncommon to see families in their Sunday’s best strolling through the park making Disney memories; fashion and Disneyland went hand in hand. Twice a year, Disneyland once again regains that glamour of a by gone era during Dapper Day. Continue reading

Disney ¡Viva Navidad! Street Party – Review and Tips On Viewing

Bright colored skirts swirled around folklorico dancers as they moved to the festive mariachi music.  Proud mariachis, dressed in traditional suits, blared their trumpets welcoming all to the Disney ¡Viva Navidad! Street Party celebration. Hosted by the three Caballeros ( Donald Duck, Panchito Pistoles and Jose Carioca ), the street outside Paradise Garden at California Adventure transforms into a festive Latin holiday celebration; a treat for the senses. Continue reading